Andre Villa


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Andre Villa

Name: André Villa
 Birth Date: 042782
 Birthplace: Lillehammer, Norway
 Resides: Torrevieja, Spain
 Height: 6.2
 Weight: 185
 Year started riding: 1986
 Year first sponsored and by whom: 1995 - Arnette
 Years turned pro (or expect to turn pro): Since 2003
 Bike Specs: YZ250
 Other Sponsors: Monster, Fox, Oakley, Sparebank1, GPR, DUK, BPM, Pro circuit, Pro taper
 Shoe Size: 10
 Favorite DC shoe: Tonic
 Music: 70s metal
 Heroes: Mum
 Favorite Movies: The game. Scarface.
 Favorite Food: Italian
 Favorite Video Game: Reflex and Black ops.
 Favorite Magazine: Transworld mx
 Favorite Trick/Track: Whip. Danimals
 Top 3 activities: Surf, ski and taking photos.
 Idols/Influences: The top sx guys
 Best Thing about FMX: The FREE style. Seeing amazing places, meeting inspiring people.
 Worst Thing about FMX: Injuries
 Best Place to Ride: Danimals
 Worst Place to Go: Powerplant, London.
 Career goals and aspirations: Keeping it real on the top.
 Words of wisdom: What we do for us self dies with us. What we do for other lives forever. How we treat others describes who we are.