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Nov 08, 2011


NVRBRKN. is a concept about the will and determination to overcome adversity both mentally and physically.

The broken star logo is a reinterpretation of the 7 point star within the DC Shoes logo. It's a visual representation of a competitive attitude maintaining its original form despite the fracture of one of its points. The primary word mark logo is a stylized short name consisting of the consonants taken from the two words "never broken" combined into one seven-letter word designed to support the DCSHOES 7-point DNA.

We chose glass as our material muse to conceptually symbolize that we are just as fragile yet very strong at the same time by design.

Yes, we are fragile by nature, but quitting is not part of our DNA!

We decided to think inside the box as an alternative to the traditional trophy. The result was to make only 7 of these individually numbered unique glass boxes with a custom 'not for sale' color way of the NVRBRKN. BOOST shoe to match. Seven individuals will be awarded a box for their NVRBRKN. approach to what they do in their areas of expertise.

Follow us: twitter.com/dcnvrbrkn.

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