Jagger Eaton


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Name: Jagger Eaton

Birth Date: 2/21/01

Birthplace: Arizona

Resides: Arizona

Year started skating and why: 7 years, I got a skateboard for Christmas and that’s it that’s all.

Year first sponsored and by whom: KTR sponsored me in 2008.

Year turned pro: I’m not pro

Other Sponsors: Plan B, Bones, Independent, and KTR

Shoe Size: 6

Favorite DC Shoe: DC Cole Pro

Music: Hip Hop

Heroes: Colin McKay, Danny Way, Matt Miller, my dad and Batman.

Favorite Movies: Ace Ventura and Hotel Transylvania

Favorite Word: Skate 

Favorite Food: Jell-O

Favorite Video Game: Halo 3

Favorite Mag: Thrasher

Favorite Trick: Kick Flip

Top 3 Activities: Skate, sleep, skate

Idols/ Influences: Colin McKay, Danny Way, Mom, Dad and my brother Jett

Favorite thing about Skateboarding: Everything

Worst thing about Skateboarding: Those things on handrails that are bumpy

Best Place to Skate: Berrics, DC Vert Ramp, and KTR

Worst Place to go: Library

Career goals and aspirations: To be like Jimmy and shoot photos like Papa Blaze Glaze Doughnut

Words of Wisdom: Old habits die-hard

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaggereaton

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaggereaton

Instagram: @jaggereaton