Tom Schaar


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Name: Tom Scharr

Birth Date: 9/14/1999

Birthplace: Los Angeles

Resides: Cardiff, Ca

Year started skating and why: 2004 because my brother skated

Year first sponsored and by whom: 2006 by Half-pint Skateboards

Year turned pro: 2012

Other Sponsors: Red bull, Element Skateboards, Type S Wheels, Skate Lab, McQuills, 187 Killer pads, Bones Swiss

Favorite DC Shoe: Mikey Taylors

Music: Rock

Heroes: Danny Way, Tony Hawk, PLG, Bucky Lasek, and The Justice League

Favorite Movies: Step Brothers, X-Men First Class, and Ted

Favorite Word: Skating

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Video Game: Black Ops 2

Favorite Mag: Thrasher Mag

Favorite Trick: Stale Fish

Top 3 Activities: Basketball, Skating, and Xbox

Idols/Influences: Danny Way, Bucky Lasek, PLG, Tony Hawk, Mom and Dad, and Colin McKay

Favorite thing about Skateboarding: Skating with friends

Worst thing about Skateboarding: Falling really hard

Best Place to Skate: Skate Lab in Simi Valley, Ca

Worst Place to go: Hospitals

Career goal and aspirations: Start a skate company

Words of Wisdom: Have Fun!!!

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tom-Schaar/291711057572185?fref=ts

Twitter: tomschaar

Instagram: @tomschaar