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Devun Walsh

The Boss Of The Backcountry.

Very few in snowboarding have earned the “Legend” status—and such universal respect—as the perennial Boss himself, Devun Walsh. The holder to every key in the Whistler Backcountry, his parts have been ageless, and his style on a snowboard will forever stand the test of time. Along with DC teammate Iikka Backstrom, Devun backed up his standout 2010 video part in the TransWorld SNOWboarding film, In Color, by launching the acclaimed blog and Webisode series, Polar Opposites.

A man of few words, he sums it all up with simplicity and class: “I just really, really enjoy shredding powder.” Amen, brother.

Says Dev: “Powder is endless, and I’m addicted to it. I’ve ridden for DC since they first launched boots. My background is skating, and so is DC’s—perfect fit!”


Devun's Kit:

Pow Board: DC Devun Pro 157 or 161. Or, my custom DC 155 fishtail...
Rail Board: ...Huh? Haven't had one in years!
Park Board: DC Devun Pro 154
Jump Board: DC Devun Pro 157
Pow Boot Model/Size: DC Ceptor in Real Leather, Size 8.
Favorite Outerwear: DC! Baggy fits and bright colors—best for filming.

What I Like in a Snowboard: Feels good, poppy, nice kick and shape, and the graphics.
What I Like in a Boot: Mellow color, nice toe box, warm, not too stiff, dry, light, and a small overall size.
What I Like in an Outerwear Kit: Good colors, fit, pockets for all my crap, and gaiters on jacket and pants.

2010/2011 Riding Crew: Iikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Lonnie Kauk, Jake Blauvelt, Eero Niemela and Kimmy Fasani.
2010 Film Credits: TransWorld SNOWboarding's "In Color"
2010/2011 Filming For Next: Polar Opps shit!
2010/2011 Contest Results: ...WTF?



Top Three: Riding powder, golfing, and family time.
​Songs To Ride To: "Ride Like The Wind" by Christopher Cross.
​Aprés Spots: Longhorn in Whistler, B.C.
​Pre-Shred Rituals: Drinking coffee. And hopefully, shitting.
​Post-Riding Refreshments: Beer, water, and more coffee. 
Parks in 2011: Northstar-at-Tahoe (Tahoe, CA).
​Favorite Tricks: Twister, and the Twister Spread.
Feel-Good Grabs: No-grab.
​Resorts, Worldwide: St. Moritz, Jackson Hole, Snowbird, Treble Cone, Arlberg, and Whistler.
​People To Ride With: JF, Iikka, Jussi, Colin, Browner, Twanner, Eero, Mikey, and all the booooyz. 
​Favorite 2010/2011 Snow Films: "In Color"
​Snowboard Films, All-Time: Early Dawger (Mack Dawg). 
​Riders in 2010/2011: Jake Blauvelt, Eero Niemela, Mikey Rencz, Mark Sollors, Lonnie Kauk, Lauri Heiskari, Aaron Biittner, and Iikka. 
Riders, All-Time: Jamie Lynn, Terje, Craig Kelly, Damian Sanders. 
Off-Season: Golf.
​Hidden Talents: None?
​Best Part Of The Current DC Team: Everyone rips!
Why You Ride For DC: Duh!



​I’ve Used “LOL” During Online Conversation: True
​I’ve Done a “Sex Change” More Than Once During a Rail Session: False
​I Saw Harry Potter in the Theaters: False
​I’ve Grabbed Tindy, and Lied About it Later: False
​A Silent Claim is Still a Claim: True
​I Rode Step-Ins: False
​I Play an Instrument/Make Music: False
​I Like Drinking White Wine: True
Snowboarding Will be in 3D by 2015: True
​I’ve Had a Teammate Carry Me Home After a Long Night: True
​Snowmobiles are Better Than Helicopters: True
​I Voted in the Last Election: False
​I Can Name at Least One Slayer Song: False
​I Used To Rollerblade: False
​I Can Skate Better Than Iikka: False

If I Could, I Would: Fly.
If I Didn’t Have To, I Wouldn’t: Answer all of these questions?
Snowboarding Should: Remain core.
Snowboarding Should Never: Sell-out fully. We need some element of coolness left...

At The Resort, I Like To: Ride pow.
At The Resort, I Can’t Stand: Lineups.
I Can Always Be Found At: The golf course.
You’ll Never Catch Me: Surfing.


I Snowboard Because: Powder is endless. And I'm addicted to it.