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Feb 14, 2013

Guest Blog from comedian JC Coccoli

Our friend, comedian and favorite guest blogger JC Coccoli tells us all about her recent trip to San Francisco and the Big Apple:

Yo Yo, DCW shorties. It's comic, writer and actress, JC Coccoli here blogging to you live from LA, to SF and now back in NY to shoot a couple of episodes of some fancy shows coming up this year that I happen to be on. Impressed? Well, you should be! I'm a real gem of a human. 

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 12.10.00 PM

I had left LA on Thursday to head over to the San Francisco sketchfest and believe me when I say if you haven't been to see even a smidge of talent you are missing out on what that entire 3 comedy week festival has to offer. On top of my standup shows that were presented by Rooftop comedy I attended shows for pals like Adult Swim's Delocated star Jon Glaser, Reggie Watts, Nick Thune and Parks and Recreation writer Joe Mande.

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 12.10.12 PM

I sat in on what could be my favorite of all time reunion of Nickelodeon's The Adventurous of Pete and Pete. You know, the two red headed problem childs who  just happen to always be getting into mischief? Well, they were there with the original cast and some others (Ala cutie pie Colin Hanks) to help read through a few infamous scenes in front of 100's of cult like fans. 

And, then we shot a super ridiculous/hillarious sketch with the Pete and Pete guys for Funny or Die which should be airing soon. (Directed by King Bee Alex Fernie and Produced by FOD genius Ally Hord)

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 12.10.23 PM

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 12.10.30 PM

The enjoyment of San Francisco doesn't stop as SF is not just known for comedy but for some slammin Dim Sum. So we took to the cabs to make one hell out of a meal on our time off at a place called Yank Sing where you merely point to things rolling around on carts like a barbarian and it is instantly on your plate with barely any verbal interaction. Magical.

Screen shot 2013-02-14 at 12.10.39 PM

After our food coma we tried with all our might to make it to Doug Benson's The Benson Interruption show which is really just everyone watching a movie as comedians like Doug, Nick Kroll, Eugene mirman and Joe Mande interrupt with hysterical commentary, but alas the boys stayed and this little lady hunkered down for a 2 hour food nap so as to rage later on in the evening.

Today I boarded a flight to shoot for MTV in NY. So obviously I am going to be freezing my bananas off so I packed a ton of DC goodies to rock outdoors and on set. Keep an eye out and I'll check back in with you guys as the week goes on! Follow me on twitter @JCCoccoli

Mad love Xx JC

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