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Robbie Maddison

Name: Robbie Maddison
 Origin: Australia
 Birth date: 7/14/1981
 Birthplace: Sutherland, NSW, Australia
 Resides: Temecula, CA
 Height: 5’ 9”
 Weight: 175 lbs.
 Year started riding: Age 4
 Year got sponsored: 1990
 Year turned pro: 2003
 Bike Type / Set-Up: YZ250cc
 Other Sponsors: Red Bull, Skullcandy, Mophie, Arnette, Dunlop, Bell, OutRide, Stomp, KMC Wheels, Maxima, Pro Taper, HSV
 Shoe Size: US 11
 Music: Lupe Fiasco, 50 cent, AFI… you name it
 Heroes: Evel Kneival, Marshall Mathers
 Favorite movies: Grandma’s Boy
 Favorite word: no worries
 Favorite food: Amy’s cooking
 Favorite video game: Mario Cart
 Favorite Moto mag: Racer X and Transworld Moto
 Favorite trick: Lazy boy flip
 Favorite up and comer (or am) Thomas Pages
 Top 3 activities besides riding: 110 riding, surfing, RC cars.
 Video appearances. On the pipe 4, Crusty Demon’s 10 to the latest.
 Moto influences: Ryan Hughes, Pastrana
 Top 3 Non-Moto Influences: Richard Branson, Rob and Big, Sponge Bob.
 Inspirations: Chris Ackerman, Matt Blair, Amy
 Favorite article of clothing. My latest DC jacket. I wear it even when it’s hot.
 Best thing about Moto: Always room to improve
 Worst thing about Moto: The falls.
 Best place to ride: Ocotillo Wells after it rains.
 Worst place to go: Ocotillo Wells before the rain.
 Words of wisdom: Stay true to your goals, face your fears, live your dreams and be yourself.
 Thank you to all the crew at DC for your global support, the kicks are amazing!
 Competition Highlights
 2008 – 2nd Place, Dew Tour Champion
 2008 – 2nd Place, Dew Tour, Orlando, FL
 2008 – 2nd Place, Dew Tour, Salt Lake City